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heh heh heh

So I was up in Champaign today and a woman stopped me about my Achia tshirt saying she had been there awhile ago and was just raving on and on about the EFRC. Except for when they were back by some intersection type area with a mom and daughter...?

"That's Jasmine and Lauren in with King, the dad."

"OK. And then all these women came in to feed them and the tiger in by himself..."

"Raja, unless it was the white one, she's India."

"Not the white one. But when she walked up to his cage he went for her! Roared SO LOUD I swear the ground shook! You could FEEL it over where we were standing!"

"Heh. Yeah. He's loud. Especially if you're directly face to face with him when he does that. [story]."
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