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This might be hard to believe but despite its charm, The Redneck Pickup has a few issues. Probably the most annoying is that the fuel gauge doesn't work. This isn't an issue if you refuel every 200 miles. That's just the sort of simple task that's too complex for a dumbass like me to consistently manage.

Had Christmas at my parent's yesterday (Flashback to Saturday when I hadn't yet started buying gifts: TheLittleBossyOne: "So, I suppose you're going to devote a significant portion of the day doing your shopping?" "No. I just thought we'd stop on the way over tomorrow.") which was a 208 mile round trip. Did I stop for gas before leaving Villa Grove this morning or was I driving on autopilot and turning right at the four way stop? Realized that just as soon as I turned but, hey, I can make it to Philo which is only 9 miles away. It was only 9 degrees outside while I was sitting in a cornfield waiting for TheLittleBossyOne to get dressed and come pick me up.

Did I remember to ask her to bring a gas can with her? Should that have been necessary? Apparently, that was my fault. So, we drove all the way back home and when we pulled into the driveway she pointed out her engine temperature was 250 and there was no oil pressure (this from the person who 3 cars back didn't tell me her engine light was on for a couple of weeks as I appeared to be "busy"). Oil was way low, so I went to open our 70-year old garage door, which is accomplished by holding down the button on the top of the door frame. The garage door is so heavy that when the power is out, I can't manually lift it. Being that cold, the garage door opener only managed to raise it about a foot. No problem, I can help lift it. But my arms couldn't reach both the button and the bottom of the door. Hey! I have a foot. I can lift with my foot until it's high enough for my hand to reach. Of course as soon as I put my foot under the door and pressed the button the garage door opener had no problem closing the door. On my foot.

Anyways, got gas in the truck, drove north to Philo and fully fueled it and decided I had to get a Mountain Dew. I've almost entirely given up The Nectar of the Gods and switched to coffee for my daytime caffeine needs (duh: always have had coffee first thing in the morning). Got on the road and opened up my NECTAR OF THE GODS for replenishing my soul and getting my day back on track. It totally tasted like shit. I looked in shocked disgust at the bottle fearing I had lost my taste only to discover a more horrifying fact: I had bought a Diet Mountain Dew.

Anybody else would've gone back home and gone back to bed.
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